Trifles/ 塵芥集 (Sold out)


Producer: JZZP

Designer: Lina Liu

Editors: Yanyou Di Yuan, Lina Liu, Taca Sui

Size: 19cm x 29cm, 88 pages, 45 B&W plates, Cardboard sleeve, including traditional album binding and single sheets

Edition: 500

Published in November 2013

ISBN 978-988-12631-1-7

We experience an infinite number of instants in life. Like scattered dust and seeds, they are so negligible. Few people realize, but these trifles, these most trivial instants are in fact closest to life itself. They enclose beauty that is naked and simple, and embody power that enriches our souls. These photographs are like dust and seeds picked out and blown up by film, life itself constructs the entirety of their existence.